With 20 years experience in the industry and being the pioneer of both rafting and elephants on the island. Bali Adventure Tour is renown as the Islands only “5 star” operator. Recently the company’s “world class”, Elephant Safari Park & Lodge won Indonesia’s Best Environmentally Friendly Tourist Attraction Award.

Owners Nigel and Yanie Mason decided more than a year ago that it was time to move and upgrade their white water rafting operation and bring it into the 2Ist century. Consequently a brand new “state of the art” centre has been completed at Payangan, close to Ubud and the Elephant Safari Park, with a new finishing point also built at Kedewatan. Both are due to open to the public on Jan 1st 0tl with the restaurant complex (stage 2) to be completed mid-year.          

The new centre is not only streamlined and modern, but also extremely “user friendly” with a large “walk through” outfitting area and other innovative facilities. Thirty new rafts have been purchased from a world renowned New Zealand raft  manufacturer and all new life jackets and helmets will give the company a brand new look. To complete the picture the company has added upgraded safety and first aid equipment and moved to a new “pristine” up river location just 10 minutes drive from central Ubud.

The construction of the new stairs to the river at Payangan is quite spectacular with stainless steel hand rails all the way down and special provision for rest areas and group rallying points on the way that have been built to give more versatility to the rafting operation and tor team building and large groups.

At the finish a major building operation has been completed to make it both efficient and artistic, as company owners Nigel and Yanie are renowned for their love of the environment. Great care has been taken to cover up all concrete with natural stone and everywhere has been landscaped and beautified at both the start and finish.
Natural river rocks and other finishes have “blended” the new facilities to harmonize with the unspoiled beauty of the magnificent Ayung River.

The new Bali Adventure Rafting centre will quickly become world renowned, as it is without doubt Indonesia’s, if not the worlds, most luxurious and excellent white water rafting operation seen yet, that can realy claim to be 21st Centurv In design, operation and safety and eco-friendly from start to finish.

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