Hose, wash, scrub, and caress your newfound friend, as you experience a unique connection with one of our elephants in a spectacular tropical setting as you get up close and personal.

Experience the best of Bali with the island’s only luxury helicopter service. Utilizing a sleek Eurocopter B2, fully equipped with air conditioning and leather seating, able to seat up to 5 passengers.

Discover and learn the natural beauty of Bali on a scenic trek over the hinterlands through the ancient Hindu village of Taro, and its surrounding area.

Journey into the jungle to experience Bali’s first and only purpose-built ATV track, crafted with the hardiest adventure seekers in mind for an exciting and intense drive like no other.


우리의 최신식 장비와 함께 21세기 최첨단 래프팅을 경험하세요. 새롭게 레노베이션 된 시설물들은 래프팅을 한층 더 즐겁게 도와줍니다. 또한 세계 최초로 시작된 불쪽 시작 포인트에서 야융강 래프팅을 즐기는 시간이 될것입니다. 

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