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Bali Adventure Tours is a long established Bali tours operator with World class activities ranging from White Water Rafting adventures, River Kayaking, Jungle Buggy ATV Ride, Jungle Trekking, Mountain Cycling and Helicopter Sky Tours as well as World class facilities such as the Ubud Adventure Centre, Mason Jungle Buggies and the Elephant Safari Park & Lodge where you can touch, feed and ride an Elephant through the tropical jungle of Taro, just North of Ubud. Celebrate your Wedding or vow renewals at the Elephant Park or stay at the luxury Elephant Safari Park Lodge and Wellness Spa. See Elephants painting and take home Elephant painted artwork, helping to save this endangered species. Wander through the Elephant Museum or tropical botanical gardens. All tours are owned and operated by 'Bali Adventure Tours'. 

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popular tours river rafting
White Water Rafting
Grab your oars and get ready to rage with this exhilarating rafting adventure on the spectacular Ayung River with Bali's only '5 star' operation from start to finish.



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Elephant Safari Park & Ride
The experience of sitting high a top an elephant in a teak wood chair, through the cool jungle of Taro, is an experience you'll never forget. All tours include all park facilities in Bali's only 'dedicated Elephant Rescue Park'.



popular tour cycling
Mountain Cycling
Starting at Mount Batur volcano, this bicycle tour winds down through 26km of lush valleys, through Balinese villages, past temples and rich green rice fields and exclusively finishes for Lunch at the World famous Elephant Safari Park in Taro, Ubud.



popular tours night safari
Safari Under the Stars (Night Safari)
In the still of the misty forest of Taro at nightfall, our Elephants take you on Bali’s only Jungle Twilight Elephant Trek, Enjoy a magical Elephant Talent Show before a night ride through the dimly lit forest, culminating with a huge gourmet dinner at our Pachyderm Palm Grove by the lake.








'헬로 발리 매거진'
2007 헬로 발리 매거진 4월호에 개제된 잡지 글

'Elephants in the mist' by Jill Gocher

Elephants? In Bali? What next? High up in the Taro jungles north of Ubud is a total elephant haven where elephants rescued from Sumatra’s depleted jungles can find a piece of peace in very comfortable surroundings.

The day starts with a drive through Ubud, passing verdant rice and countryside surroundings before entering the open jungle. The entrance to the elephant park changes to a garden environment – where an elegant planting of palms and exotic tropical plants create an environment reminiscent of the award winning Singapore Zoo. The pleasing outbuildings include an elephant museum and a very cute elephant shop selling elephant memorabilia all in the best possible taste.

The park has been visited by plenty of luminaries’ including the late crocodile hunter himself – Steve Irwin (who luminaries it “the best elephant park I have ever seen”) and football superhero David Beckham, not to mention action movie star Dolf Lundgren, Claudia Schiffer, Julian Lennon and Jen Claude Van Damme. Whew!

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자전거 투어  
낀따마니의 바투르 화산뷰를 시작으로 자전거를 타며 26킬로 미터의 계곡을 따라 자전거 투어를 떠나 보세요. 발리의 전통 빌리지들, 몇세기의 역사를 가진 오래된 성전들 그리고 초록빛이 가득한 라이스 패디들이 펼쳐진 경관들은 발리에서 잊지 못할 추억이 될것입니다. 풍부한 경험의 가이드들이 발리의 역사, 문화 그리고 사람들에 대해서 소통하며 발리에서 떠나도 항상 계속되는 추억을 선사 합니다. 지금 부킹 하세요. 

끝나기 전에 타로 숲, 코끼리 사파리 파크에 들려서 여러가지 열대 과일, 향신료들을 맛보고 점심식사를 즐기세요. 

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자전거 투어
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(할인 - 10% 온라인 부킹 디스카운트 + 5% 미리 결제 디스카운트) 
 US$71 에서 15% - US$60.35
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참고: 오전 7.30 - 9.00 사이 호텔 픽업 (대략 시간)

더 많은 디스카운트는 액스트라 밸류 패키지에서 찾아주세요!

Bali Adventure Tours has revolutionized the white water rafting experience on the Ayung River with brand new start and finish point facilities, a new fleet of rafts and latest equipment. The new starting point provides an exciting new 3 km of river and 33 rapids.

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