Operation Jumbo captures the passion and commitment of one man compelled to risk his fortune and possibly his life to rescue ten endangered Sumatran Elephants. The elephants are held captive in government run camps deep in the heart of Sumatra. Numbers of these gentle giants are rapidly declining due to human and elephant conflict, which is a direct result from increased illegal logging of the forest's they once freely roamed.

Australian entrepreneur conservationist, Nigel Mason, intends to transport the troubled elephants over three thousand kilometers of difficult terrain, crossing three Indonesian islands to the safe haven of his own Elephant Safari Part in the hills of Bali. Situated in the small village of Taro, the park is a fitting testament to Nigel's passion and determination to turn what was once burnt out rice paddies into an elephant paradise now frequented by thousands of international travellers.

Heading Nigel's team is his park manager, a young Acehnese man still tormented by childhood memories of his father who, along with other angry farmers, slaughtered many elephants in order to protect the land they lived off. Since then he has devoted much of his adult life to taking care of the elephants, a passion he regards as payback for the atrocities his father committed.

Nigel is the driver force behind this incredible journey that is plagued by personal hardship, in-house conflict and some very unhealthy elephants. Set against the backdrop of Indonesia's ongoing struggle with terrorism.

Operation Jumbo will reveal the disturbing situation in Sumatra through the eyes of two men, both from very different backgrounds, brought together by one cause. This is a true race against time that will challenge both their commitment and integrity to save some of these gentle giants from certain extinction.

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